Our Affiliate Program is looking for:

Businesses like mortgage brokers, real estate professionals, auto finance officers, tax preparers,s, etc….? Or if you come across consumers every day that can not get approved for your financing. Send them our way!

NCR Credit Repair works as client retention for your company, our biggest value is that we can work with your clients, help to restore their credit, get them approvable and send them back so you can close the home loan, sell them a car, or whatever it is your client came to you for in the first place.

Simply refer your non-approved credit clients to NCR Credit Repair, We will enroll your client into our program, once your client meets the credit criteria needed for your program. We will use our proprietary process to challenge those derogatory reporting items, then you are notified that it’s time to re-engage your now credit-worthy client.

How do I sign up for your program?

First, we will set you up in our affiliate portal ( Provide you a username – login). The portal gives you extensive tracking of each and every referral you send over. In addition, we will assign an affiliate manager that will handle each of your referrals.

The Process

You can either ask your client to contact our staff and mention your name, or you can submit their information in your Affiliate Portal. With our Affiliate Portal, you can log in and track your referred client’s progress in real-time, 24/7.

If you send us 5 of the credit-challenged clients that previously you would have turned down. We will contact and enroll them into our program, repair their credit and send them back to you as viable clients for you to close the deal! That’s triple what you would have made. The best part is that it cost you nothing and didn’t take any of your time. All you have to do is help your clients by introducing them to us!

Have we missed your question?
Please contact our affiliate team for additional questions at info@ncrcreditrepair.com

Also Please Note:

Anytime you’d like to put on a seminar we will gladly come in and educate your staff on our program. Our course curriculum is by far one of the “best in the business”. We will supply the marketing material, teach the course and then promote our affiliate partnership to your staff. We’ve hosted seminars of all shapes and sizes and they’ve been absolutely life-changing for staff.

In addition, a good course can results in a massive windfall for your company, as most staff attendees will now sign up more of their clients. It’s a win for your Company, your Staff, and us.

Please keep in mind the presentation and marketing materials for a seminar are free but you would be responsible for the cost of travel, meals, accommodations, and the space fees to put on the event.

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