No two credit reports are the same. Therefore, it is crucial to meticulously review your full credit report. By reviewing your report, we are able to gather information such as:

The number of negative items such as collections, late payments, inquiries, public records etc….

* The recency of each negative item
* The amounts of each negative item
* The creditors or agencies reporting negatively on the credit reports

Each one of these factors will determine the cost of repairing your credit.

NCR Credit Repair provides one of the most aggressive credit repair services available on the market with competitive pricing. We understand each individual has different goals and needs. After we complete a credit audit we provide you with our cost-effective solutions and a pricing plan. We tailor our pricing to your Credit file. As we understand your goals, we will know better how to help you to achieve them, and provide our services tailored to your specific needs.

Our Plan Includes:

Administrative Processing Fee
Challenges to all 3 Credit Bureaus
Score Analysis
Creditor Interventions
Customize Credit Priorities Disputes – You Select
Score Analysis
Credit Score “Before & After”
Monthly Credit Score Updates
Communicating with your lenders and fixing any mistakes on your credit reports.
Monitoring your credit and risk for identity theft.
Can be Cancelled anytime – No Contract


Our Programs works in 30 day cycles. At the end of each cycle you will receive 3 credit report updates. (You must be enroll in one of the Credit Monotoring Services) These reports are your results, from our work and will show the questionable accounts we have disputed. You simply upload these reports to your portal, and then we review and update your Report. Any items that have not been corrected we will continue to work on.